Terms of service

This policy describes how TrustyBTC.com communicates with you, provides detail about the Communications we provide, and sets out the requirements you need to receive these Communications.

By accepting this consent agreement, implicit in the use of our services, as indicated below, you, the person or entity applying for a TrustyBTC.com (“Trusty BTC Exchange”, “Us” or “We”) account or transaction service, consent to receive and view all communications and disclosures from us relating to your eligible TrustyBTC  Exchange accounts electronically by any means of contact information you have provided to us, at our discretion.

Your consent is effective indefinitely until you revoke your consent to receive electronic Disclosures. You may revoke your consent to receive electronic Disclosures at any time by contacting TrustyBTC Exchange via any of the current contact methods on our Contact Information page. Revocation of consent to receive electronic disclosures may disqualify you from further use of our services; we reserve the right to refuse to service your accounts or transactions, to cancel any accounts, place any accounts or transactions on inactive status, or to provide a paper copy of Disclosures at our discretion.

In order to receive communications, including disclosures required by law, whether by text or email (electronic communications), you need to have a means of printing or storing them. In addition to having and email address and phone number you warrant to TrustyBTC Exchange that you: have a computing device able to view the Electronic Communication; have a current web browser with cookies enabled; all contact and personal information provided to TrustyBTC Exchange is correct, accurate, and updated immediately when changed; that you have the ability to store and print disclosures, and have done so to ensure their availability to you should this website be inaccessible; that you have added all TrustyBTC Exchange domains as white-listed to any applicable spam blockers.

We reserve the right to alter this policy, and will furnish the updated policy with you electronically pursuant to the prior version of this policy, if applicable. We further reserve the right to withdraw your authority to be provided Electronic Communication, in which case we will furnish any communication and disclosures to you physically to your address on record. You agree that at any time you should request disclosures or communication from us physically, or physically serve us with notice or communication, we may impose a fee pursuant to the Fee Schedule. You agree that we are not responsible for any delay or failure of communication resulting from our attempts to utilize the contact information you have provided in a business reasonable manner.